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Investment Valuations

To ensure optimal returns on investment, investors must have a clear picture of the projected value of the off-plan properties or projects they invest in, determined through property appreciation, rental income or a combination of both. This is where we step in.

How you benefit

In the complex world of property development and investment, in order to make informed decisions it is essential to have access to accurate information and professional, independent advice. Our dedicated department comprises highly experienced valuers and consultants who have expert knowledge of Malaysian and international property development and investment markets and the economic and legislative issues which affect them.

With vast experience of a variety of design styles and the support of our acclaimed residential and commercial research team, we offer the property development sector an independent, reliable resource at each stage of the development or funding process.

Our services

Advising developers and investors on funding and joint venture agreements, we provide a complete spectrum of tailor-made valuation services for every type of scheme - from shophouse conversions to high profile multi-million dollar mixed residential/commercial developments.

Our valuations services

  • Investment portfolio valuation and consultancy
  • Asset valuation
  • Site and property appraisals
  • Litigation & insurance
  • Research work
  • Valuation analysis & commentary
  • Mergers and acquisitions work